Things I have learned to accept in the last six months since becoming a mom...

We have had a sleepy few months. Exactly six of them. I say "sleepy" because at times we were so sleep deprived that we did everything in a sleepy haze. I brushed my teeth half asleep, I showered half asleep, I made meals half asleep...and that's very dangerous so often my husband made meals. But the point is we were sleepy. When the baby slept, I planned to do things, non baby related things, but no matter how hard I tried I still ended up somehow being sucked into some kind of baby chore...laundry, cleaning up, rocking baby back to sleep after a measly half hour nap. I planned to do things like update this blog, and work on the kid's book I started back when I was still pregnant. I planned to work on my stationery designs and do some letterpress. I planned to paint...but all that ended up happening was the planning... How do people with several kids or parents of multiples ever get anything done? 

As time goes by (it seems to be going super speed), and as baby gets a bit more independent, I am able to accomplish more but now all I seem to want to do is hang out with her. She is changing so quickly that every day she has a new skill, a new noise and a new facial expression and I don't want to  miss a beat because before I know it my year at home with her is up and I'll have to go back to work.

The sooner I accept the reality of having to go back to work the better, but it seems I've had to learn to accept a lot of things since I've become a parent. I will list a few of them...

1) I accept that I am now a morning person...even if this is not by choice.

2) I accept that I will not get a full night of rest for a very, very, very long time.

3) I accept that my new accessory to any outfit is spit-up. It's attractive and you know it.

4) I accept that every outfit now includes yoga pants.

5) I accept that I have new superhero skills. I can assemble a breast pump, in the dark while nursing an infant. I can dodge a variety of hideous squeaky noise-making abominations they call "toys" at three o'clock in the morning with eyes closed while swaying my hips just right so baby can go back to sleep. I can change a diaper in the dark like no one's business without smearing poop on the walls or dresser (ahem, husband). I can find a soother, on the floor, in the dark among the "toys" in record time and I can also tell that said soother has dog hair on it which I remove by sticking the soother in my mouth before offering it to baby (Yum!). I am a superhero.

6) I accept that my decaf coffee will always get cold before I can even drink half of it.

7) I accept that most of my meals will be had standing by the counter or over the sink.

8) I accept that I am now a professional nose picker...and it's not my nose...

9) I accept that I will now utter the phrase "Don't put that in your mouth" at least once a day.

10) I accept that people will be staring me down with machetes in their eyes when my baby cries in a Starbucks while I wait for my Decaf Tall Whatever...I don't blame them. They don't need to hear the screams of a tiny person while they work on their books, memoirs, Plenty-of-Fish profiles and status updates. They do not need the tranquility and serene balance of Starbucks to be disturbed by the sharp screams of an eight week old. They have every right to whisper loudly and quizzically to fellow writers and Full-caf-Venti-Whatever drinkers "What is this woman doing at a Starbucks with an infant in her yoga pants...Shouldn't she be at home watching 19 Kids and Counting?"

I'm sure there will be a lot more to add to this list...It will be a growing list so if you have anything to contribute of things you've had to accept since becoming a parent, by all means, please share... ~k  

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